I don't know how you found yourself here, but I'm glad you came. So far, I've been a theater technician, actor, director, technical writer, programmer, webmaster... Why not try writing?

My interests are as varied as my genres. By all means, use that menu to your left to look around. Those are not necessarily genres at the extreme left, but rather interest areas. Some books, the short story collections in particular, cover multiple areas. And my first novel was a paranormal/mystery/romance. What was I thinking?

At some point in my life (5th grade, I think), I discovered I could write poetry. Alan Sherman/Weird Al kinds of stuff. The world was never save again. In my sophomore year in high school, I took a first place in a short story writing contest the Detroit News put on. The gold key was nice. I still have it. Money would have been better.

Then, practicality took over, hence the varying jobs I have held. Now, I'm retired. Practicality be damned! Look out, world!